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As busy as I am coding PHP and MySQL applications most days, I do actually like to stay involved in supporting various initiatives that I care about. That's why you'll find me attending many local events and group meetings -- especially the Hawthorne Boulevard Business Association (HBBA) and Portland's Joomla User's Group.

Recently, the HBBA was awarded a grant from Venture Portland to launch an initiative called HACE -- Hawthorne Area Civic Ecology. I offered to post a basic web site for HACE, as it's exactly the kind of environmental leadership that I'd like to support locally -- and, I think it could even become a model nationally, in time. Admittedly, I'm a little new to the term "Civic Ecology." If you are, as well, then you can head over to the web site at www.HacePDX.org, and read up on the meaning and mission. It's important stuff -- well worth your time. :-)

Quite a large number of people were involved in this effort. I merely assembled the web site (and, really, it's a fairly basic site, based on the Ximenia template by RocketTheme). But, again, I'm excited to be part of it all. Here's to this site becoming a larger resource for many other municipalities!

(By the way, the page background is a screen-grab graphic of a great new map that HACE is coming out with soon, and which will be distributed in Portland. It lists a wide variety of environmental amenities available in Southeast Portland. I believe we're going to post this map online soon, as well.)

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