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Every now and then, I have to run through the work archives for something extraordinarily old. Thankfully, we keep impeccable digital files here, and have been doing so since at least the mid 1990s. So, it's no big deal to reach way back for something, even if just out of curiosity.

Today, I happened to see this old advertisement (shown above) from the mid-1990s. This is back when we called ourselves "Desktop and Editorial Express," which we thought was pretty clever, since our last name is Dee, and since we were really into desktop publishing and writing / editing / communications. Later, we called ourselves "Dee Publishing" for a while. But, most of the time, we just referred to ourselves as our own names, Jim and Wendi Dee, for freelance / contract work.

Aside from my nostalgic reasons for posting this, the ad reminded me of two things. First, we've been doing this sort of work -- marketing, communications, and web sites -- for a long time. This is why our list of services is rather extensive for such a small company. I guess we just don't feel as though we ever really forget how to do things once we learn them. In the same computer file folder as that ad, I even found backups of some of the first web pages we ever authored, back in 1994!

The second point I wanted to note related to the word "editorial." Wendi and I both earned degrees in English, and then cut our professional teeth in major, world-class publishing houses. Wendi worked in the publications department of the national headquarters for the Better Business Bureau; I edited business and legal journals for Prentice Hall. Working for years in an atmosphere like either one of those places, where visibility is national and professional expectations are extraordinarily high, is extremely valuable -- both to us, personally, in terms of the appreciation we feel for having had the opportunity, as well as to our clients.

In all forms of marketing communications -- from advertising to direct mail, to the web -- clear communications are absolutely essential. Rarely do clients come to us with their copy pre-written and edited (unless, of course, the project is a book or magazine layout). Quite often, clients need help articulating a message. Such articulation is a major part of the value proposition that Marketing Portland brings to the creative table, so to speak.

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