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Quick update on the topic of Gantry 5 / Joomla... Back in Gantry 4, I used to be a big fan of editing a theme's index.php file from time to time, as it offered a direct PHP scripting opportunity, and was super easy to get to. With Gantry 5, though, things run a bit differently and, for those wishing to insert some PHP code, especially into the head section, it could be a little tough to accomplish in a direct, easy, safe way. However, there's a pretty easy trick still...

Yes, our old friend the Jumi component! To insert some PHP code into the head of your Gantry 5 install, just hit up the Base Outline section under the Page Settings tab, and pop your Jumi call directly into the "Custom Content" box. Save and you'll see your code gets inserted very late into the head section (usually a good thing) and seems to execute rather well there. I haven't tried too many tests of this, but all seem to work thus far. Thought I'd pass that along because, if I was searching for an easy button here, chances are other developers may be also.

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