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One thing that's sure to pop out at anyone viewing the Tessellate template (for Joomla web sites) is the subtle animation in the background. If you're into HTML (which, oddly, fewer and fewer people are these days thanks to so many tools out there that do the HTML for you), you may wonder how such animations are accomplished.

Now, before I get into that, take note that RocketTheme (and others) previously put out themes featuring motion. For example Lumiere template (previously reviewed here) features a video background that, while definitely cool, does take some considerable bandwidth and server horsepower to render properly.

Tessellate takes a different approach, leveraging the HTML5 <canvas> and Javascript (more info here), which results in a faster and lighterweight rendering of the full screen as compared with other methods of achieving motion (e.g., video, Flash, etc.). Neat stuff, for sure. And, in this case, a nice, slow, hypnotic feel, much to the credit of the developer(s) on this theme.

They did not, unfortunately, opt to continue the animations throughout the site, as I believe would be fairly easily doable given some minor tweaks. The interior page examples have static screen-shots from the "tessellations" as backgrounds and, unfortunately, those screenshots come across as kind of jaggedy. Of course, not all is lost, as those backgrounds are easily replaced with non-jaggedy versions and/or completely different backgrounds altogether.

The rest of the theme is fairly standard stuff. Head over there and take a look for yourself to see if it's a good candidate for your company. As for the general look, it's a modern, sleek design, and those animations seem appropriate for any business wishing to convey a certain analytic capability at the same time. So, accounting firms, architectural firms, investment companies, tech companies, and others would probably find it appropriate.

You can get RocketTheme's Tessellate template here. Just click Joomla and then Templates to see a preview. Or, hire Marketing Portland for your Joomla! web development and we can get the template you want for you. As developer members with RT, we're entitled to use any of their themes for our clients!

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