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RocketTheme's June 2014 template release, Osmosis, has some pretty neat capabilities. What stands out most is this new fluidity concept they seem to be honing in on in recent months. I think we touched on the return of some cool parallax-style scrolling features last month with "Vermillion." There's some of that here, too.

But, what's really cool is the dynamically-revealed modular content. Load up Osmosis (follow that link, then hit up Joomla, then Templates) and slowly scroll down the page. What you may notice first is the full-width background atop the page has a scrolling effect. Once that top portion of the page disappears, though, the sidebar panel changes to display the site menu.

Pretty slick -- sort of like having two sites on one page, when you think about it, and it keeps the user engaged and moving downward through your content. Note also that, as you keep scrolling downward, that new sidebar stays in place the whole time.

As with other recent templates, Osmosis comes with some neat animations built in to give pages some extra pizzazz. One thing you may want to look into for these is whether the styling is dynamically generated via their RokSprocket extension, or whether such animations are available as static Custom HTML implementation. (Don't worry if you don't follow that completely -- but it's worth asking your web developer about, as it may inform how the site is setup.)

You can get RocketTheme's Osmosis template here. Just click Joomla and then Templates to see a preview. Or, hire Marketing Portland for your Joomla! web development and we can get the template you want for you. As developer members with RT, we're entitled to use any of their themes for our clients!

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