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If your business is in the market for a new web site and is currently considering building a Wordpress website ... well, great! You're most likely on the right path business-wise, as there are many advantages to this step. But, consider the following...

Stepping back from Wordpress for a moment, what I'm used to hearing about such a decision is that (1) it's better to use a Content Management system (CMS) for web sites versus "coded" web sites, (2) Wordpress is supposedly easy to use and learn, (3) Wordpress is loved by search engines, (4) it's a secure, open-source platform, (5) it's theme-able ... and various other reasons along these lines. After all, Wordpress is the largest CMS platform with a long list of features.

While all of those qualities are certainly desirable for a web site, what few people know is that there are actually many other options out there that also meet all of these criteria. In fact, if you were to review the list of features for the other two leading open-source CMSs -- Joomla! and Drupal -- you'd find similar feature lists, and you may find that one of these other two much better fits your business and marketing needs.

The Self-Sustaining Nature of Celebrity

One of the interesting aspects about Wordpress is that, when you think about it, it's #1 largely because ... well, it's #1. Now, that's not meant as disparaging to "Wordpress people." I've run sites on Wordpress as well. But, it's sort of reminds me of some of today's celebrities -- names you've vaguely heard of for some reason, but when you think about it, you're not really sure what they do.

I mean, if you were going to go buy a $15 music CD, you wouldn't (I hope) just say to yourself, "Well, this 14-year-old kid with the sideways baseball hat has apparently sold millions of CDs, so I'm sure this is good music." Would you? ... and that's for a $15 music CD. What level of discrimination would (or should) a business owner bring to the prospect of spending thousands of dollars on a mission-critical web development project?

Marketing Portland is a Joomla! Shop. :-)

Admittedly, Joomla! is considerably less well-known than Wordpress. But for most business needs, it likely surpasses Wordpress on many levels, including the quality of the code and framework, the capabilities and customization possibilities, and the configuration options -- all while offering an interface that is every bit as user-friendly, learnable, and intuitive.

So, if you simply want Wordpress, then by all means go for it. But, if you desire all of the above features and qualities, but are open to considering a Joomla! engine to run it all, well, that's where we come in. Contact us today to discuss whether Joomla! is right for your project!

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