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Facebook Share Dialog Box Not Showing Image the First Time You Share a Story?

A few people have asked me lately about a specific problem with Facebook image sharing. Here's what happens: When you post a new article and then try to share it on Facebook, the image does not show up in the Facebook sharing pop-up box. However, later (trying it again, or having someone else try it) it does show up. But that very first share doesn't seem to work. I've been asked a few times lately: Why? This article will explain this particular issue. :-)

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Should Businesses Hoard Domain Names?

This is something I get asked about by clients and business owners probably once/month on average, for the past several years. More often, I'm not exactly "asked" per se, but rather told about such efforts after the fact -- meaning that the person has already spent the money on new domain acquisition.

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Top 12 Ways to Drive Traffic to Your Web Site

People ask me all the time: "How can I drive traffic to my site?" Well, there are many, many ways. Here are a dozen or so, off the top of my head -- just the basics, really. I may return to this article later if I've forgotten any major items, but I really wanted to list these here to form a little home for these types of ideas. Enjoy the list... :-)

As for the picture here... well, I suppose it's a commentary on the difference between web-based and real-life marketing. In real life, you can always give away donuts to draw people in. On the Internet, the best substitute is maybe a colorful donut *picture*. (I took this pic during a visit to Portland's famous "Voodoo Donuts.")

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Did We Request Passwords / Credentials From You? Here's How to Send Passwords via Email

Quite regularly, we ask current or potential clients to send us various server, website, FTP, and other online account passwords necessary for us to provide the consulting services requested. However, we do NOT recommend ever sending passwords via email (unless for some reason the password is specifically temporary in nature). Instead, here is how we prefer to receive them:

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With Sites Like Squarespace, Shopify, etc., ... Is Custom eCommerce Web Development Dead?

When you're a web developer, *all* people like to talk to you about web site issues. We get feedback from a broad range of people -- clients, of course, but also just normal business colleagues. In recent months, I seem to be hearing from quite a lot of people (especially those with merchandise to sell) that they're considering abandoning their own development efforts and simply moving their sites to somewhere else like Shopify or Squarespace. This naturally raises the question: Is normal ecommerce web development basically dead?

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Everyone Is In a Panic Over Google's Mobile-Friendly SEO Penalty

A lot of web developers and site owners are in a total panic these days about Google's algorithm change relating to favoring mobile-friendly web sites over those not deemed mobile-friendly. Marketing Portland has adjusted about 15 or 20 sites for compliance and, actually, it hasn't proven to be a huge deal. But, if it's a concern for you, read on...

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