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Is My Company's Web Site Too Old, Outdated, or Fugly?

Today at Marketing Portland, we would like to provide some pointers for business professionals who are wondering if their web sites are too old. After all, design and tech trends change regularly, and keeping on top of such changes can send messages to potential customers (positive messages if you do, negative if you do not). Those messages are often understated, of course, but people do pick up on these things.

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Highlights from Techmanity 2014 (part 1 of 2)

Marketing Portland is back this week from "Techmanity," a conference held in Silicon Valley for "innovators who imagine technology not just for profit but to improve the human condition." I thought I'd include a brief write-up of some highlights here, mainly by listing some of the personalities who presented during the sessions. I caught most of the sessions offered, but missed a few as I was browsing the small exhibition of startup businesses in the convention center lobby.

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The Patient Is Dying -- and, by "Patient," We Mean Your Web Site. Our Prescription: Read these Web Site Remedies for Health Care Providers

Doctors, dentists, mental health professionals, counselors, and other health care providers have some of the widest-ranging sites imaginable in terms of various elements usually present on the web site. Most likely, this reflects the practitioner's affiliation, or lack thereof, with a larger health care organization. Those affiliated with large hospitals may have no web site to speak of, save a possible brief mention somewhere within a huge hospital site or maybe on some HMO directory.

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Financial Services People: Say All You Want About "Occupiers", But Maybe It's Time You Occupy Your Web Site. Here's How to Do it Right!

This article ought to be fairly straightforward, as I've already covered web site best practices for professional services firms in general. (See here for that.) Financial services firms ARE professional services firms, so all of the items in that article apply here. I'll quickly share a list of critical web site elements for financial services firms, and then discuss some particulars below.

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10 Ways to Utterly Fail for Residential Real Estate Companies Desiring Useful Web Sites

From time to time, I've wondered what life might've been like if I'd gone into real estate. After college, we lived in the Washington, D.C., area and became friends with some realtors. They seemed not much older than we were (young 20s, then), yet doing remarkably well for themselves. I remember thinking a decent salesperson could probably do well in that very active market so long as he or she could figure out how to get quality listings and/or active buyers (or, ideally, both). After all, the houses and neighborhoods basically spoke for themselves. Ergo, if you had desirable listings, the homes would sell. Or if you had motivated buyers, the sales would happen organically. (Needless to say, I'm over-simplifying.)

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Should I Beef Up My LinkedIn Profile?

If you're a business professional and Facebook isn't really your cup of tea, that doesn't mean you can't participate in social media. After all, there's always LinkedIn, which is basically the businessperson's version of Facebook. It has most of the functionality you'd find elsewhere (e.g., sharing articles, "liking" things, messaging other members, etc). Instead of developing this into an info-piece on a specific LinkedIn topic, I'm inclined to simply list some notes for you about LinkedIn -- some various best practices and considerations for professionals looking to pay more attention to this site (and perhaps to social media marketing in general). Those items are, in no particular order:

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