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Sales Observations Based on Buying a Sari in India

My wife spent some time selecting and purchasing a sari (sometimes spelled saree) in India recently, and I got to observe the process. A sari, for anyone that doesn't know, is a piece of traditional women's wear in India. They range from normal, every-day type saris all the way up to elaborate wedding saris. I'd estimate the typical range would be maybe 400 to 2,000 rupees (about $6 to $30 U.S.) for the lower-end every-day-use ones, to maybe 6,000 - 20,000 for the fancier ones appropriate for special events, and then there an insane level that goes up into the lakhs (several thousand dollars, and up). We were shopping for the $100 or so variety.

It struck me that *many* of my observations regarding sari-shopping experiences relate to sales. So, as this area of my blog is dedicated to sales and business development best practices, I thought I'd offer up some accounts of these experiences, from which the reader may elect to draw any number of conclusions. All I can tell you at this point is what I've seen. The sometimes-debateable aspect of these stories will be what's most interesting, I think; it may not always be clear whether the observations herein are (1) best practices that could be emulated somehow in other sales processes, or (2) examples of practices that are dire need of improvement. For that, you may decide for yourself!

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Thoughts on Becoming a Web Developer

As a full-time, self-employed web developer for 6 years now (and having done freelance work since the 90s involving web development / design) I get asked regularly about web development as a profession. I'm usually asked this by those in various other branches of IT work. Questions include: How do I get into it? Is it profitable? Is it easy to get clients? Is it something I can make a living on? What skills are required? What platforms are best? How do you get clients?

This article will answer those questions (and more) based on my experience, which you're free to emulate if you like. I'm going to also explain why my own particular path is, in my opinion, currently still highly ripe for such emulation as opposed to some other paths within the web dev / web design world!

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Integrating Zoho With a Web Site

One key way Array Web Development identifies trends in the business web-world is by looking at how often we're asked to provide specific services. Within the past six months or so, one request that's becoming more common is integrating corporate web sites with Zoho. This article introduces Zoho and looks at some common integration projects that a business web site can put into play.

For those unfamiliar, Zoho isn't new; it's been around since the late '90s in one form or another. Most commonly, it's used (at least by Array Web Development clients) as a CRM solution, a project management tool, and a sales cycle management suite similar to SalesForce. (Zoho calls themselves the "operating system for business"; see here for a breakdown of their offerings.) They started hitting their stride in the early 2000s and, by 2008, had a million users. However, this article is about current internet trends, right? So, let's look at some recent data to show the exponential growth of this platform lately.

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