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We're happy to announce the launch of Kadels.com today, home of Kadel's Auto Body, a 21-location auto repair company based in Portland (locations in Oregon, Washington, and Idaho).

Kadel's Auto wanted a clean, easy-to-navigate (and easy to edit / manage) web site that better reflected their business and performed well on desktop computers, tablets, and mobile devices. Our approach was to utilize the Joomla! CMS (the finest CMS available for business web sites), implement a theme from the RocketTheme company, and then 100% customize / tailor the UX for their company.

RocketTheme templates are designed using the Gantry Framework, a powerful and widely-used design platform for Joomla! and Wordpress. Here at Marketing Portland, we routinely recommend this platform based on the inherent flexibility, extensibility, and integrity of the underlying code involved. Also, it's nice to use such a leading product, as it (1) allows a company to be assured of finding available support over the long-term, and (2) offers a level of security available via larger well-maintained systems.

We added some handy functionality -- some great contact and feedback forms, and a great career center. Plenty of additional plans in the works for this site, as well.

For now, that's all I'll say about Kadel's, as they're a marketing and web development client, and much of the "strategery" is proprietary / confidential. I will say this, though: There is a significant benefit clients can realize by hiring a web development company that is also well versed in corporate marketing and internet marketing. This is one of the areas that distinguishes Marketing Portland from other web development agencies, and we'd be happy to discuss these benefits with any potential clients. Contact us to get started!

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